Integrated Quality Management System by Caliber :

Quality Management demands focus on several processes and events that take place throughout the lifecycle of a product. When quality professionals have scattered data and platforms to deal with, this becomes quite a challenging pursuit. Silos of data lead to inefficient management of quality assurance and management processes.

An integrated QMS brings data silos from various departments onto one single system, making way for end-to-end seamless quality management. It eliminates dependency on inter-departmental information exchange and builds a robust foundation for quality metrics.

Integrated QMS Platform
Seamless integration between quality processes, document management, competency and training on a single platform assures easy access to cross-departmental data.

On-screen method execution instructions (SOPs) are displayed alongside the Electric Lab Notebook’s data entry screen, showing users what is needed to input data properly and efficiently.

Scale As You Grow
Option to choose one module and upgrade to a full-fledged QMS as per need. Plant rollouts, module additions, anduser additions are easier with EPIQ.

Implementation Strategy
EPIQ can be implemented as a pre-validated system which cuts down implementation time. The system can be deployed on Cloud or on premises.

Data Integrity and Compliance
An Integrated Quality Management facility reduces data integrity risks and ensures compliance with ALCOA+, GAMP 5, 21 CFR Part 11, Annexure 11, and other regulations

Data-driven Organization
Build a strong foundation for quality metrics, CPV, product quality review, and
business intelligence.

BIntegrated Reporting Engine
Use trends and analytics to fine-tune quality, document, and personnel
management processes.

Choose Your Language
Multi-language compatibility allows ease of use for anyone.

Focus on Pharma
EPIQ is made for pharma and other regulated industries. Data analytics, trends,
and audit trails help companies meet regulatory Guidelines and compliance
standards. Of use for anyone.